Saturday, October 31, 2009

Dubai Story

A lot of positive memories emerge from my mind when I think of my visit to Dubai, which was the most impressive, exciting and amazing trip I ever had. I cannot believe that when my mother asked me whether I would come with them or not, my first answer was no. Thanks God, I changed my mind later on, because I would have missed one of the best modern human achievements in the world.
At the beginning of April 2009, when my spring school holiday had just started, I left the country with my family and some of our friends on a family vacation. Due to the fact that there was not direct flight from Sofia to Dubai, we had to take a plane from Istanbul, so first we traveled to Turkey and then an exhausting flight of almost five hours to the United Arab Emirates followed. Even though the whole traveling was tiring, it was luxurious as well. When I entered Emirates’ plane, this is the airline of United Arab Emirates, I was fascinated by the nice cozy environment and by the affable air-hostesses. On the back of every seat, there was a TV screen with over three hundred channels, where the latest movies were offered as well. The service was on a high level, so I was already impressed by United Arab Emirates before I land there. Finally, we arrived and when we entered the airport building, I felt like I was in some palace. All the walls and the floor were covered with snowy white shiny marble, there were beautifully painted and decorated with gold pillars. In addition, there were huge palms and plants inside the building which were like the cherry at the top of the airport’s luxurious interior. We took our luggage and we took a taxi to our hotel. During the driving, my mother informed me that inside our hotel there is a shopping mall. As most women, I liked this, but actually I did not have any idea what we were talking about. We got at the place where we were going to stay for the next week, we threw our suitcases in the suites and went for a dinner in some park full of oriental restaurants and clubs. There for first time I tried the best salad ever. It is called “Tabuleh” and it is made of parsley, small pieces of tomato and some special Arab spices. Since then, this is one of my favorite salads. On the next day, we visited the so called inside hotel shopping centre. Actually, the place was so huge that everyday we had a walk there when we had free time around the hotel and everyday we found something new. Inside the mall, there were shops of all the famous fashion designers and as well the brilliance was present there as well. Around every place for rest such as bars and restaurant, it was full of plants and fountains. For another time I was impressed, and still this was one small part of what we saw in Dubai.
The famous built islands in the shape of palms were an amazing human proof of capabilities and creativity. The one we visited was called Palm Jumeirah and there we saw fascinating hotels which had their own aqua parks, jungles around their lobby bars, aquariums with different animals, shopping malls and every other entertainment a human can imagine. The highest building in the world is also placed at this city. It is called Burj Dubai, which means Dubai Tower and its height is 818 meters (2,684 ft.) In addition the seven-star hotel Burj Al Arab is another unique creation of architecture and engineering. There were thousands of skyscrapers which reminded me of New York, each one with amazing architecture, but still some were in process of developing.
The most adventurous experience I had there was the safari. We spent one whole day devoted to life in the dessert. We got on the jeeps, without knowing what was expecting us. The drivers were totally insane. They started the powerful engines and began to climb the sand hills. Then, the vehicles were moving up and down the mounts, on the tiny top so that we felt like we would turn over. Honestly, I was scared, but for sure not the only one, because the boys sitting next to me were screaming together with me, holding each other tight. After this adventure, we fetched up in a camp where camels, oriental food and dances expected us for the whole evening. We enjoyed the dinner, the show and the clean air, away from the skyscrapers and the traffic jams. While I was taking pleasure in sitting on the sand under the clear sky in the middle of nowhere, I though how wonderful is Dubai. The people there succeeded to combine nature and civilization in unique and impressive way.
When I came back to Bulgaria, I realized that the United Arab Emirates were a fascinating country, where the main goal was to create distinctive world that would impress all people on Earth.
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Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Dessert Called Love

She loved him, but she loved him so much that it was burning and killing her inside of her body. She could not believe he left her here in the middle of nowhere, because the world without him was like a dessert, like Sahara.

The guy’s name was Francois, he was from Switzerland and she was Isabelle, but she was a pure beautiful French girl. He was a senior and she was a junior in a famous English high-school in Paris. . How did they meet? He was the one who made the first step. Francois started writing her messages on the worldwide famous Facebook. She was impressed, because he was one the boys that every girl at school wanted and she, on the other hand, was not one of those popular students that everyone wanted to be with. On their first night out, he succeeded to bring her at his place and then her first real passionate kiss followed. She was not one of those types of women that were giving out themselves, but as if he was some magician that enchanted her and she fell right into the wolf’s paws. This kiss was the beginning of the best thing that happened in Isabelle’s life, but as well the most painful one. Everyday she heard different girls to state that Francois was hitting on them and this made her to freak out, because she knew it was true. She could not live with the idea that while she was home alone, he could be fondling another woman the way he did with her. After four months, everything was over.

After a week of permanent crying, she decided to talk to him. Isabelle proposed the idea of just making love, without being in a relationship. He accepted. They started seeing each other again and again, and then once when he was all over her and she felt his breathe, she realized she loves him. She had to accept this “friends with benefits” relationship and listen about his affairs just because she needed to be close to him. The months passed away and the summer came. He had to leave France. Francois spent his last night in Paris with Isabelle. It was already five in the morning and he had to leave. Her heart was going to explode. Standing on the door, hugging him and feeling his beat for last time, she realized she would not see him again. He left her there with all the pain inside of her fragile body. He left her there alone, in the most romantic dessert ever- Paris. The door closed, she started crying, and then she screamed “I love you”, words she never said out loud before, but he was gone.