Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Fake World of Beauty (Chapter 2)

Her exotic beauty impressed David, who was actually the owner of the club, and she got the job. Ana-Marie did not really know that she was a not polished diamond, but in the eyes of her boss she was more than a girl from the suburbs. He ordered his assistants to pay special attention to her, because the poor woman was really poor so she was not shiny as all the girls around. After a few days of preparing, she finally had the chance to prove David that she will not disappoint him in choosing her. The time of her first night at the club, and actually the first time she was going to work, came. The “ugly duck” was now wearing slim fit black elegant pants that were enhancing her long firm legs, a white stylish shirt that was unbuttoned, so her soft matted skin was outstanding and there on her neck, a small silver necklace with a heart covered with stones was laying. As she showed up right before the opening, David just gave her a look that expressed his approval. Around 12 a.m. expensive cars started parking in front of the club and beautiful girls, attractive man all demonstrating their glamour, were getting off the Lamborghinis, Mercedeses and Ferraris. As people wearing only Dolce and Gabbana, Versace, Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton and any other tremendously expensive brand were entering; Ana-Marie realized that she has just crashed into the world of models, a world she had seen only on magazine’s covers.
Her working place was a place where there was an excess of brilliance and outer beauty. Even though in the beginning she did not feel in the suitable environment, she got used to this luxury she witnessed. The girl had no family, therefore no reason to go back to the suburbs where the only pretty thing she participated in were the games she played with her friends during her childhood, but as they all grew up, they all went over a change. Ana-Marie remembered how hard was for her when her best friends either started taking drugs, alcohol or began earning money in an offensive and criminal way. After this flight to her past, she came back to the club, where the party was going on and she found out she wants more than just being a waitress of these models, she wanted to be one of them. The “ugly duck” was now beautiful. She realized it the moment all handsome rich boys she served for started paying attention to her, it is even aimless to comment on all other people she met on the streets that were absolutely fascinated by her. As Ana-Marie decided not to waste this chance for success
in her miserable life, she entered the real hell that was hiding behind the silken curtains.

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