Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Fake World of Beauty (Chapter 1)

Beauty. Glamour. Luxor. Those are words describing the models’ life, but only the way it looks as on Vogue’s cover or on Fashion TV. Since this business exists, it turned out that this world is not so shiny and people involved are not as happy as they appear. This fact was something that Ana-Marie Laurent was not familiar with. She grew up in Parisian suburbs. She considered herself a happy child in her early years of existence even of their modest way of living. Since she was five, she was overweighed, but rarely her friends made fun of her because she had a good personality and appearance among children was not so important.
When Ana-Marie turned twelve, she encountered the problem of becoming a real woman and out of a sudden she transformed into beautiful girl. Her dark brown hair, matted skin, cat eyes, thick lips, long legs and wide shoulders made her look like a real exotic flower that was one of a kind. Extreme beauty was not the only change the “ugly duck” ran into. The loss of her parents who were shot by mistake made Ana-Marie leave the suburbs as soon as possible. She was already seventeen and finally she had the chance to visit Paris itself, the way people know it, not as in the suburbs where it was as in hell. The first night in downtown she spent in watching the Eiffel Tower and all the shopping streets. Accidently she crashed into some man. While she was apologizing, she noticed the group of models around him laughing at her. She was really ashamed, but the guy seemed pretty calm and said that everything is alright. Ana-Marie sank deeply into her thoughts about the often mentioned name. The laugh of the models and their words “She’s so funny, right David? Right David?” were echoing in the poor girl’s head.
The whole upcoming day she was going to spend in looking for a job. Her attention was caught by one advertisement of a night club, saying that they are searching for new staff. Ana-Marie decided to show up at this place, maybe she would get lucky? When she reached the club, she was astonished by the huge queue of attractive women in front of her waiting for the same job as she wanted to apply for. Finally, after hours of waiting, her turn came. The moment she entered the room, she saw the same face, the same man, the same David. She became as red as tomato. David smiled and pretended he has never seen her.

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