Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Fake World of Beauty (Chapter 3)

Chapter 3
The day Ana-Marie finally turned eighteen David invited her to his office. She had never been alone with him in the same room and that scared her, because he did not look really pleased that day. As she entered the office, her boss was not sitting on his black, leather chair. He was laying on the coach, starring at the ceiling and listening to Madonna’s evergreen song- Justify my love. David shared that this song is capable of awakening his passion and desire for real sins. He revealed to the girl that she is special and unique, that her beauty is exotic and one of a kind, that he sees her desire for success, but he warned her that if she goes deeper into his world, it may become dangerous for her life. Ana-Marie understood that he offered her help to become a model and she without any doubt accepted. Since that day, her birthday and her entrance to the world of adults and real responsibilities, her life had nothing in common with the one in her past. She became David’s shadow. He took her everywhere he was going, meeting her with important and powerful people. When her beauty was “served” to all agencies she arise their interest. For less than three months, she was the new face that all magazines wanted on their cover. Due to the fact she was too busy with interviews, castings and photo sessions, she did not have time to have fun and party with her colleagues.
Finally, when she got the bases of her career she had the chance to be among the people from this new world as someone equal to them. One evening, while having a drink with David in the club, he thought she was now ready to become one of the models in the group of the top rated ones. He introduced her to them and even though they all wanted to demonstrate superiority, her charm and beauty enhanced them. The same night, they all went partying to another club. They got off the limousine, passed by the queue and just with one greeting the guards opened the doors and welcomed the group. The club was full, but this was not any problem at all- the VIP hall was reserved for them. The second all models find their place on the leather coaches, one of them took out a small bad with white powder and asked “Are you ready to have fun?” Ana-Marie was shocked. She had never used drugs before. She even left her best friends because of that. One of her mates passed her the . The girl from the suburbs was confused, but then her hand took it and she inhaled the white powder. That night, she lost her soul, her moral understandings. She had fun that night and the night after that, but she could not have fun without consuming the white powder or any other opium. As most of her colleagues she ran into the anorexia problem, the stress and fear mania caused by the overdosed drugs. Ana-Marie’s life was no more called a life. This was just the existence of another weak model who hid behind the expensive clothes and make up demonstrating a fake happiness.

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