Sunday, January 24, 2010


The project of creating an internet based portfolio was really interesting and useful due to the fact it helped me to learn how to create my own blog, how to customize it and in this way offer to all visitors a nice, good looking and organized web page. The required pieces of writing varied among different volume, style and genre which helped my classmates and me to improve our writing skills and sense of creating literature. The process of creating the portfolio was organized reasonably divided into two or three deadlines for certain requested work. The given opportunity to upload materials and links connected either with our texts or our personality gave us the chance to show our interests, photos of us and our friends and this way every student could make his/her page more personal, different and unique.
The project’s goal to exchange experience with Kentucky students let my class to meet new people living in a total different world and as well to compare our writing abilities to those of native Americans. As well, the assignment of commenting on Kentucky’s student portfolio and on some of my classmates pages helped me for developing skills in area of analysis, commentary, criticism and bringing my own piece of advice and ideas. Teacher’s posts of what each section did, helped students to keep track of how their portfolios develop and enlarge as well it kept the communication between everyone go on until the end of the project. The electronic portfolio was a motivating and educational task during the first semester of this year’s English classes that was at the same time entertaining and useful for all students.

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